S Series SL5i-BL


Calibres Info compatibility chart
S series SL5i-BL

5.56 mm NATO / .223 Rem

7.62 mm NATO / .308 Win

Weight 420 g
44,5 mm
Overall length of suppressor
130 mm
Added length to weapon
92 mm**
Finish Blasted stainless or CeraKote
Net sound suppresssion
(1m left of the muzzle)

23-30 dB(A)
2 years


The Ase Utra S series SL5i-BL is a fast attaching suppressor intented for .223 - .308 bolt action target and sniper rifles.

Intended for those looking for a very compact suppressor for bolt action use.

The recommendation for only bolt action is due to our introduction of the SL5i-BL 7.62 Low Pressure suppressor, being a recommended model for semi/select fire rifles.

The SL5i-BL suppressor is mounted with a Ase Utra BoreLock flash hider mount or muzzle brake mount.

Manufactured in Finland by Ase Utra Oy, the SLi5-BL suppressors are manufactured with a combination of black steel and 300 series stainless steel and are assembled by welding.*

Various BoreLock flash hider and muzzle brake mounts are available, to adapt the suppressor to a multitude of weapons, without permanent modifications to them.

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Suppressor and flash hider product code chart

* The BoreLock mount interface is black steel and the body of the suppressors is 300 series stainless steel.


The S series SL5i-BL suppressors reduce the weapon sound pressure level of a .308 Win calibre rifle by c. 25-26 dB dB ( 1m left of the muzzle ). The S series SL5i-BL suppressors also reduce recoil and muzzle flash significantly

CalibreSuppressor model
S series
SL5i .223
S series
SL5i .25
S series
SL5i .30
SL5i 8mm S series
SL6i .338/9.3
S series
SL6i .375
S series
SL7i .30
SL7i 8mm S series
SL7i .338
204 Ruger o              
222 Rem o              
223 Rem o              
22-250 Rem o              
243 Win no o       o    
260 Rem no o       o    
7MM-08 Rem no no          
308 Win no no o o   o o
338 Federal no no no no o no no
25-06 Rem no o       o    
6.5X55 SE no o       o    
270 Win no no          
7X64 no no          
30-06 Sprg no no o o   o o
8x57 IS no no no     no  
9.3X62 no no no no o no no
9.3X66 SAKO no no no no o no no
7 mm Rem Mag no no no no o   no no o
300 Win Mag no no no no o   no no o
338 Win Mag no no no no o no no
.338 Lapua Mag no no no no o o no no
.375 H&H Mag no no no no no no no no
- Recommended
o - Reasonable to use*
no - Do not use
    - Can be used**
* Suppressors can be used on these calibres, however the bullet channel is oversized compared to the calibre, possibly affecting suppressor performance. Also the suppressor may be too short, when compared to the power of the calibre.
** Safe to shoot, however the difference between the suppressor bullet channel and calibre is quite excessive and clearly affecting the suppressor performance.

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