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Compact, stainless steel suppressor designed for use on sniper rifles from .308 Win up to .338 Lapua Mag. Excellent sound and flash suppression performance. The suppressor mounts using the two-part BoreLock muzzle brake. The two-part design of the muzzle brake makes the initial installation secure, quick, and simple. Sound suppression (.308 Win) 32–35 dB (1 m left of the muzzle), 29–32 dB (shooters left or right ear). Sound suppression (.338 LM) 35+ dB (1 m left of the muzzle), 26+ dB (shooters left or right ear). The S series SL9i-BL suppressors also reduce recoil and muzzle flash significantly.

The S series SL9i-BL suppressors are mounted with a Ase Utra BoreLock flash hider mount or muzzle brake mount. Suppressor is manufactured with a combination of black steel and 300 series stainless steel and are assembled by welding.

Various BoreLock muzzle brake mounts are available, to adapt the suppressor to a multitude of weapons, without permanent modifications to them. NOTE! SL9i-BL is not compatible with standard Hiper flash hider.

.30 .300/.338Caliber

670 g (.30), 790 g (.300/.338)Weight

218 mmLength

170 mmAdded length

44,5 mm (.30), 45 mm (.300/.338)Diameter

35+/32–35 dBSupression

300 series stainless steelMaterial

Blasted stainless finish or CeraKoteFinish

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