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SL6i-SMG MP5 is ultra-compact and lightweight 9 mm suppressors for the MP5 submachine gun. A 3-lug mounting system to attach the suppressors to the standard MP5 barrels. Sound suppression 22–25 dB (1 m left of the muzzle), 16–22 dB (shooters left or right ear).

SL6i-SMG MP5 have a robust construction and they are built for a long service life. Suppressor adds only 75 mm to the length of the weapon. SL6i-SMG MP5 suppressor is intended for users who are seeking for more suppression level.

The S series SL SMG suppressors are available with a variety of internal threads and quick mounts to fit on a variety of carbines and submachine guns.


380 gWeight

153 mmLength

120 mmAdded length

44 mmDiameter

22-25 dBSupression

300 series stainless steelMaterial

Blasted stainless finish or CeraKoteFinish

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