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The Ase Utra DUAL-Fifty is a compactly sized suppressor for .50 BMG calibre sniper and target rifles. The DUAL-Fifty suppressor features a coaxial dual design, to achieve an excellent size to performance ratio. The suppressor is a sealed, fully welded unit. The finish on the suppressor is manganese phosphate. Sound suppression 28+ dB (shooters ear).

The suppressor is available with various internal threads to fit on the most common .50 BMG rifles, for example the Accuracy International AW50 / AX50, McMillan TAC-50 , Swiss Arms SAN 511 , Steyr HS-50.

In addition to the sound suppression, the DUAL-Fifty suppressor effectively reduces the muzzle flash and blast signature of .50 BMG calibre sniper rifles. The reduced sound pressure significantly reduces the shooters risk of receiving hearing damage and also reduces the environmental noise significantly.

.50 BMGCaliber

2100–2300 gWeight

255–275 mmLength

235 mmAdded length

76 mmDiameter

28+ dBSupression

Carbon steelMaterial

Manganese phosphateFinish

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