IWA & OutdoorClassics 2017, March 3-6th



We will be again taking part at the IWA & OutdoorClassics expo in Nürnberg, March 3-6th 2017

Link to the IWA website

Ase Utra will be re-locating to hall 3, stand number 3-307.

Our German distributor Helmut Hofmann GmbH will be next to us on stand 3-305

Ase Utra products will also be featured at the Enforce Tac event, in co-operation with
Helmut Hofmann GmbH, stand 10.1-430

Link to the EnforceTac website


Discontinuing of the NorthStar suppressors

Ase Utra is announcing the discontinuing of the NorthStar sound suppressor family.

Ase Utra has alternative models available in the the S series SL and jet-Z suppressor families, which are for example smaller and lighter than the NorthStar suppressors.


Distributor for Iceland

Ase Utra is pleased to announce that we will start co-operating with ISNES Ltd. in Iceland.

ISNES is currently the representative for other quality brands such as  Berett, Sako, Tikka, CZ and Merkel for example.

It will take some time to prepare the necessary export permits, but products should be available early 2017.


Swedish Game Fair

Ase Utra will be present at the Swedish Game Fair, to support our Swedish distributor Sako Sweden.

The event is taking place May 27-29th at the Tullgarn castle.
Come out and try out the Ase Utra suppressors!

Swedish Game Fair website

New ECO .22LR suppressor

Introducing the new ECO .22 LR suppressor!

Lighter, shorter and simpler in design than our DUAL rimfire suppressor.

The DUAL however still remains more effective on a pistol length barrel and is .22 WMR and .17 HMR rated, the ECO currently being rated for .22 LR use only.

The ECO is currently available with 1/2"x20 UNF or 1/2"x28 UNEF threding.


MILIPOL 2015, Paris


We will be again taking part at the MILIPOL expo in Paris, November 17-20th

Link to the MILIPOL website

We are exhibiting on the stand of our French representative, Humbert CTTS (  stand 5 R 176 )


Updated i-model S series SL suppressors

After a product update process, we now have new variants available of the S series SL suppressors.

The new variants are the i-model SL suppressors.

The main improvement is a weight decrease of 60-145 grams, without compromising durability or performance.

For example the new S series SL5i suppressor weighs only c. 335 grams

Instead of the 390-430 grams of the earlier S series SL5 suppressor.

The new SL6i suppressor is also exceptionally light at 390 grams, over the previous weight of 540 grams.

The SL7i .30 calibre suppressor is now limited to non-magnum calibres dur to the reduced weight. There is a combined magnum model now for .300 Win Mag / .338 Lapua Mag

This update brings the SL suppressors into the weight range of aluminium suppressors, with the strengtho of a fully welded steel construction.

Suppressor material is still 300 series stainless steel. S series SL suppressors are available to calibres from .223 Rem up to .375 H&H


» S series SL sound supressors


BoreLock .223 / 5.56 muzzle brake

The BoreLock muzzle brake is now available in .223 Rem / 5.56 mm NATO calibre.

The muzzle brake features a three-port design and has been optimized for miniziming muzzle movement

and flip, allowing for accurate & fast shooting.

Intially only available in 1/2"x28 UNEF threading, however other threads can be made available based on feedback and demand.


IWA & OutdoorClassics 2016, March 4-7th

We will be again taking part at the IWA & OutdoorClassics expo in Nürnberg, March 6-9th 2015

Link to the IWA website

We are exhibiting in Hall 9 stand 9-240, please come and visit us!

Ase Utra products will also be featured at the Enforce Tac event, in co-operation with our German representative
Helmut Hofmann GmbH, stand 10.1-428.

Link to the EnforceTac website


Tubeless since 2005

We are currently in the 10th manufacturing year of tubeless sound suppressors. The suppressor bodies are manufactured from CNC machined cast baffle elements, negating the need for a separate outer tube.

First started with the S series suppressors in 2005, followed up by adopting the same cast baffle manufacturing technology in our jet-Z suppressor family in late 2006.

Tens of thousands of both suppressor series have been manufactured and are in daily use around the world with law enforcement officers, military personnel and civilian shooters.


New Ase Utra product catalogs

New Ase Utra product catalogs available, click on the images to download!

One intended more for the civilian & hunting products and the other one for MIL/LE