Benefits of using a suppressor:

Reduces the sound pressure level of most calibres below the hearing damage threshold

  • Significantly reduces the shooters risk of temporary or permanent hearing damage
  • Allows for better communications between team or squad members

Reduces the environmental noise

  • Less disturbance to areas surrounding ranges
  • Allows training facilities or shooting ranges to comply better with noise limits

Significantly reduces the visible muzzle flash and dust signature

  • If hunting in dusk conditions, allows a hunter to follow up a shot easier
  • Masks the location of the shooter, especially important for military or law enforcement users

Reduces the recoil of a weapon

  • The weapon is easier to shoot with a lighter recoil, especially for young or women shooters
  • The reduced recoil can enable faster follow up shots

A correctly manufactured and mounted suppressor will not negatively affect accuracy

  • Usually a more common result is improved accuracy, even an experienced shooter might shoot better with less recoil and sound, the suppressor also affects the barrel vibration which can be one reason for improved accuracy